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What is a Trade License?

Basically, every client for whom we take care of the business visa application asks the same question – “And what is the Trade License?” Well, you can find plenty of definitions online but most of them will not make the term any more understandable. Let us tell you what the Trade License is in simple terms 🙂

 What is a Trade License? – Technical information

Technically, a Trade License is just a sheet of A4 paper printed out by the Trade License authority, which includes your personal data (full name, date of birth, permanent residence address), trade license number (unique to each person), list of trades you are allowed to work in, validity of the Trade License, and stamp of issuing authority.

 What is a Trade License for?

The Trade License, most basically, proves your ability to run your own business in the territory of the Czech Republic. For 80 basic, unqualified trades (such as Publishing, Wholesale, Accommodation Services, Extra-Curricular Education, etc.), the only ability you need to prove is that you are more than 18 years old and have no criminal record. For more specialized Professional or Craft Trades (such as Optician, Driving Instructor, Locksmith, etc.), proof of your education and/or experience is required. Please find more about How to get different Trade Licenses here.

 The Trade License and the visa/residence permit?

The Trade License is one of the main documents required for your visa/residence application if the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic is business (find out more about different visa types here). Fortunately, the process of obtaining the Trade License is not that complicated or time consuming. Please find more about How to get Trade License here.

Well, we hope your “What is a Trade License” question has been answered by this blog 🙂 If you still have any questions, read our other blog posts, go to the Trade License (Zivno) service page, or contact us by using the contact form on the right or by other form of contacts. You can also download the Trade License step by step info-graphic for free below.

Thank you! 🙂

Jan and Daria on behalf of the whole Move To Prague team 🙂

Trade License Step By Step Guide
Trade License Step By Step


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