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Thinking Of Leaving America? Thinking Of Leaving The US? Move To Prague!

We received the following e-mail just six hours after Donald Trump was officially elected the new President of the United States: “We are two college educated Americans looking to relocate to Prague. Honestly we are fleeing Donald Trump’s presidency and have been looking at Prague for a long time as a viable option. My fiancé just came back from Prague last week. How do we even begin this process?” If you are in a similar set of mind, please read further. We’ll tell you why Prague is the best place to migrate to when leaving America.

Obviously, different age groups have different motivations for leaving the US, as well as different expectations about the country they are moving to. We have decided to divide our blog post according to the different stages of life you might be experiencing.

Leaving America and moving to Prague as a STUDENT


Of course, none of the universities in Prague are as prestigious as Harvard, Princeton or Yale but Prague still has a lot to offer. The Czech Republic has many high quality universities you should consider when leaving America and looking for the best place to continue your studies. If you can speak Czech you can also study at Czech universities free, and if you don’t the tuition fees are much lower than in America. Let us list some of the best universities in Prague below:

Charles University – One of the oldest universities in the world established in 1348. Students from all around the world mainly come to study Medicine at the Charles University.

Anglo-American University – One of the best private universities in the Czech Republic. It is not cheap (even when compared with the US prices) but the quality of education is more than worth it.

University of New York – if you were missing America and wanted to get a double degree.

University of Economics – the best university of Economics in the Czech Republic listed among the best Economical universities in the world by Financial Times.

University of Chemistry – University following all the modern trends in sciences including nano-technology and bio-technology.

Another added bonus, especially when moving to Prague from the US, is that the obtaining a study visa is the easiest way of relocating to Prague.

Leaving America and moving to Prague as a


Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole of Europe which means that there is a high demand for people from abroad. The most prosperous sector is IT nowadays, and basically every 3rd client moving to Prague through Move To Prague is somehow connected to IT.

On the other hand, the highest number of Americans leaving the US and coming to Prague start here as English teachers. Demand for English teachers is so high that you can easily get several teaching offers within the first two weeks in Prague. The only requirement for that is either having some teaching experience or/and having some kind of certificate (TEFL, CELTA, etc.). If you do not have any of those, there are many TEFL schools in Prague (see the ones we work with here)which will be happy to get you certified 🙂 Most of them even offer you a work contract when you successfully pass their four-week course. Please read more in our What is a trade license or How to get a trade license blog posts or visit the Trade license assistance service page.

From the visa perspective, visas for teachers are approved in 99,9% cases as long as you have all your documents in order.

Leaving the US and moving to Prague as a RETIRED PERSON


Prague is a paradise on Earth for all retired Americans. Everything is cheap compared with US prices (studio apartments start at USD 350 and go up to USD 550 in the city center, beer is under USD 1.5 in most of bars and restaurants, etc.). The quality of life, on the other hand, is surprisingly high and more than comparable to the western countries.
We have yet to mention the beauty of Prague itself, where every single building is older than American history 🙂 From the visa perspective, spending your retirement here is a good enough reason to obtain a long-term visa as long as you follow our advice.

We have relocated several hundreds of Americans to Prague in the last four years so we know our job well and would be happy to help you leave America and find your new home in Prague too.

Please feel free to contact us using the chat below, filling in the form on the right or going to Contacts and give us a call or send us an e-mail. Be sure we will provide you with all the information you might need in order to relocate here – starting with a suitable option for you, through  the visa process up to picking you up in the Vaclav Havel airport. So, don’t you worry – you will not be on your own!

Thank you and have a lovely day!

Jan and Daria


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