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Brexit: Britain exits the EU. Find out how to stay in the Czech Republic legally!

Brexit for british citizens


So, this is it: Great Britain exits the EU. If you are the same shocked as we are here in MOVE TO PRAGUE, being a British citizen you are probably wondering what this means for you and what to do next.

You might feel a little confused or overloaded with different information. Good news – there is no need to panic! If you are already in Prague (or other Czech Republic region), you can apply for a TEMPORARY or PERMANENT residency depending on the time spent in the Czech Republic.

IMPORTANT: better obtain the residency card as soon as possible while the old rules still apply.
Yes, you still have 2 years till Britain actually exits, but you never know how the bureaucracy system changes here.

What do you need to do to apply for the temporary residency?

Application requirements:

You can apply in the MOI office

MOI office Praha IV
Responsibility for the Capital City of Prague and the Praha-západ and Praha-východ districts
Nad Vršovskou horou 88/4
Praha 10 – Michle
Tel.: 974 820 680
Opening hours:   Mo, We: 8.00 – 17.00
Tu, Th: 8.00 – 15.00
Fr: 8.00 – 11.00 (only for clients with an appointment)

Be ready to be waiting there for a few hours till your application is ready to submit, so better take a day off. Or, contact us and we will arrange you RESIDENCE CARD within a few days! 

We help other beloved EU citizens to obtain the residency card everyday, so we will be very happy to help you out with this one very quickly! 

Go to contacts, call us or chat with us right now on the chat on the right down the page! 

Stay calm and don’t let people get inside your head with useless information!

Daria and Jan for team



    • Hi TP, thank you very much for the comment. What visa do you exactly mean? The processing time depends on many factors. But to give you a general idea – residence for EU citizens takes up to 30 days to get approved, long-term business visa about up to 60 to 90 days, and partnership visa/permit can take up to 180 days since there are also visits in your household required. Please contact us if you need more specific information.

  • I have the 10 year visa and married to a Czech girl and have kids. but what do you think will happen when it expires?

    • Dear Davey, thank you for your comment. The thing is that no one really knows what is gonna happen. I would not be really afraid in your case. If you have a permanent residence and the whole family here, you will be always allowed to stay, with or without the UK being a part of the EU 🙂

    • Hi Peter, thank you very much for your question. It depends on several factors such as your nationality, purpose of stay or other services you order. We´ll get in touch with you shortly to be able to provide you with a relevant reply.

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