Our complex relocation services

Every relocation is a unique story! We know that, and that is the reason to choose us to take care of the whole process! Whether you are coming to Prague for work or study, alone or with your family, for half a year or a lifetime - we will be your first friend in Prague to help with everything you need. Below, you can find out more about the awesome services we provide, or at least the most common ones! If you have any special requirements just let us know and we´ll be happy to assist you with them. All Move To Prague employees are true travelers and have experienced relocation themselves, so we do know how it feels to be in your shoes. No question or requirement is too silly for us - let us know what is important for you, and we will make it happen!

Rent a flat in Prague with us

Once you decided to relocate to Prague finding a flat is crucial for you. We understand that and that´s why our Rent a flat in Prague service is always custom made. We do not keep any large database o...

Trade License (Zivno)

Do you want to teach English? Do you want to freelance? Do you want to run a business? A Trade License (so called Zivno) is the most important part of your long-term business visa/temporary residence ...

Prague visa assistance

It does not matter if you are from the EU or from a country outside the EU you´ll need a visa or residence permit at some point for sure. We help with acquiring all types of visa and residence permits

Special Packages

Relocation is a complex process so we have also prepared special complex packages to make sure your first steps in Prague are safe, fast and efficient. Find out more about our most popular and afforda...

Compare and purchase Medical Insurance for Czech visas online!

Do you need health insurance for your Czech Republic visa application? Compare and choose the most suitable one and buy it online here!

Who we work for!

Although we work for several big companies in Prague, we always relocate individuals. We understand that even if you work for a big international company it does not change the fact that you might be worried about many things such as finding a nice apartment, getting along with your new colleagues in a new environment or even being able to survive with no knowledge of Czech. We are here to make your move to Prague as smooth and convenient as possible. See what companies we work with and what their personnel appreciates about us!
Logo of Oxford TEFL Prague

Oxford TEFL

Most of our students are relocating from the UK or the US. It's a great adventure but can be stressful at times. MoveToPrague.com makes the relocation process smooth and straight forward. Our students
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TEFL in Prague by EDUA Group

A lot of our TEFL graduates decide to stay and teach in Prague after the course and Move to Prague has been really efficient at helping them find accommodation. Daria and Jan always give a presentatio
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ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk

Our students from Turkey are relocating from Turkey to the Czech Republic mainly with Erasmus program and sometimes for language courses. During that time, MoveToPrague.com is helping Turkish students
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Let our clients speak!

We understand that relocation is very a personal process and so our services are very personal too. Being professional thus personal is what our clients appreciate most. Please find some testimonials and a link to expats.cz where you can find more personal experiences below.
"When I decided to move to Prague and work here because of its reputation as a boom city (in addition to being one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe I've seen), I had no idea how to settle the paperwork or make connections. To be honest, I'm still not sure how the paperwork was settled, but I do know it would have been impossible without Jan and Daria's know-how. They took an impossible task and made it very simple, clear, and easy while going above and beyond the contractual agreement to give me recommendations as well as advice any time I needed it. Time of day didn't matter, and they always had multiple options for me to choose from (as opposed to Deloitte Advisory that tended to railroad me in unnecessary directions). In what took Deloitte 2 months and ended in failure, Jan managed in a week and a half. As if that weren't enough, I feel I can also call them friends, having enjoyed their hospitality and humor on multiple occasions. This was free of charge, of course. ;) First friends in Prague, indeed." Originally posted on expats.cz.
-Jason Landgrebe, USA
"Right from the first exchange of messages we felt like we were dealing with lovely friends who just happen to be the best professionals one can find! Jan and Daria really went the extra mile for us and made our move from Helsinki to Prague so easy and comfortable! We didn't have the most common nor the easiest apartment preferences, but Jan managed to find us a dream home. The location is perfect for us too! We were moving with our two chinchillas and since it was important that their new cage would be waiting for them on the same day we were flying to Prague, Jan delievered the cage to our apartment prior to our arrival. We received professional advice with all questions and worries concerning our move, and it was such a relief and a big help that we didn't have to worry about all the paperwork all by ourselfs. This is the perfect service! Thank you dearly, Jan and Daria! :)" Originally posted on our Facebook page.
-Heidi Viimaranta, FIN
"Having secured a job in Prague, I needed accommodation. The company hiring me recommended Jan's company movetoprague.com, and this turned out to be an excellent recommendation. In person, Jan was friendly and laid-back from the outset. Behind the scenes he was incredibly resourceful and worked extremely hard to find a place that would match my expectations, and despite the odd hiccough along the way, he remained helpful and patient throughout the process. Jan found a selection of suitable properties being rented by private landlords, all of which matched up to what could be found through online agencies but generally at better prices. He was quick to advise with any queries I had and responded promptly to all correspondence. Ultimately I ended up in a comfortable and well-equipped flat in a convenient location, and with the knowledge that Jan's help and advice is still just an email or phone call away. He really goes the extra mile, and his services represent very good value for money. Don't look anywhere else if you are searching for a flat in Prague!" This review was originally posted on expats.cz.
-Hugo Corbett, GBR

Czech Republic´s unique blog about moving to Prague (real-life experience)

Did you know that Czech Foreign police officers usually DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH? Did you know that the visa process is much easier for AMERICANS even though the required documents are the same as for any other nation? Did you know that if you are an American NO ONE REALLY CARES about your visa unless you do something illegal? We do not fill our blog posts with bullshit. We always describe the real life process and the real life experience to give you the best possible view on how everything works.

Do I need visa to the Czech Republic?

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Czech Republic visa requirements

Obviously, Czech Republic visa requirements depend on what type of Czech Republic visa you want to apply for. This article covers all the main Czech Republic visa requirements divided according to the...

Czech Republic visa application forms

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Czech Republic visa types

There are plenty of ways to write a blog post about a Czech Republic visa. We decided to make it uncluttered by dividing the different types of Czech Republic visas into groups according to the durati...