Employee Card – everything you need to know


What is “Employee Card”, how to obtain it, what documents are needed for the employee card application, what are the timelines, and much more. Everything about the employee card at one place. Read further. Employee Card is a type of a long-term residence permit for foreigners coming to the Czech Republic from outside of the EU.

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New Immigration Law – Changes and rules


Amendment to the Czech Immigrant Act – important changes   From the 15th of August, there are going to be a few major changes in the Immigration law. The changes mainly apply for holders / applicants of long-term visas, business visas, and holders/applicants of long-term residence permits in the Czech Republic, as well as family

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What is a Trade License?


Basically, every client for whom we take care of the business visa application asks the same question – “And what is the Trade License?” Well, you can find plenty of definitions online but most of them will not make the term any more understandable. Let us tell you what the Trade License is in simple terms 🙂

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Behind the scenes of acquiring the long term visa for the Czech Republic (non-EU citizens) – Part II.


What to expect when applying for the long term visa – REAL WORLD Alright, you have all the documents ready and your appointment at the Czech Embassy scheduled, what to expect there? Honestly, it mostly depends on your nationality. However racist our next few paragraphs may sound that is simply how it works. Americans, Canadians,

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