Zivno is a short version of Czech “Zivnostenske opravneni”. That means a trade license/business license allowing you to freelance in the Czech Republic. Zivno is one of the documents needed for a business visa for English Teachers, Software Developers and other freelance positions. Read further to find out more.

The word zivno actually appeared not that long ago. Because of all the accents in the original words of “Živnostenské oprávnění” foreigners living in the Czech Republic were not able to pronounce it correctly so they started using the short (and tongue friendly) version of it – Zivno. Whatever word you use though, it still stands for the same thing – trade license, business license, freelance license. A paper that allows you to freelance in the Czech Republic.

We describe zivno in details in our other blogs (what is a trade licensehow to get a trade license) but if you already came to this page, let us tell you the basics.

Zivno for EU citizens

EU citizens have basically the same rights as Czech citizens when it comes to the zivno, even without holding the Temporary Residence Certificate. That means that they can get the trade license even without permanently living in the Czech Republic. It is simple and takes up to 3-5 business days.

Zivno for non-EU citizens (USA, Canada, Australia, India, etc.)

When it comes to people from non-EU countries, the most important thing is if they already hold a long-term visa or long-term residence permit. If they do (i.e. you are here under a student visa and you just want to get the zivno as a side thing to your studies), getting the zivno is pretty simple. You just need to collect the required documents (go to one of the above mentioned blogs for details), take them to the Trade License Office and you will get the zivno in 3-5 business days. It will be valid for the same period of time as your visa.

If you do not hold any visa or residence permit yet, you can still get the zivno but it will not be active. That means that you will not be able to freelance legally. The only way to activate the trade license is to obtain a visa or residence permit. If business/freelancing is the main purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic, you have to apply for a long-term visa with the purpose of business, based on the zivno. We describe the process in details in our blog below:

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