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Registration Certificate for EU citizens

Since the latest changes in the Czech immigration law becoming effective on 2.8.2021, the Certificate of Temporary Residence for EU citizens no longer exists. It is called “Registration Certificate” now. The documents and process required to obtain it stays very similar though. Let’s discover it together now.

 What is the Registration Certificate for EU citizens?

Registration certificate is an official confirmation of the Czech Ministry of the Interior confirming that you legally reside at the territory of the Czech Republic.

That can be beneficial in the Czech Republic (i.e. if you want to register your car here, get your kid into school, get your driver’s license exchanged for a Czech one, bring your non-EU partner with you or if you simply do not want to go get registered with the Foreign Police every time you cross the border).

It can also be beneficial outside of the Czech Republic (i.e. for traveling during COVID-like situations, proving to your tax authorities that you no longer should pay taxes in the country of your origin because you live here now etc.).

 How to get the Czech Registration Certificate?

The Registration Certificate is issued by the Czech Ministry of the Interior responsible for the area of your residence, usually within 30 days after submitting your application along with all the required documents.

The required documents are listed below:

– application form,
– passport or national ID,
– 1 passport sized photo,
– proof of accommodation in the Czech Republic,
– proof of having health insurance (unless you are employed or self-employed in CZE),
– 200 CZK application fee (paid only in revenue stamps – “kolky”).

All the above mentioned documents must be originals or notarized copies (no simple copies, no scans, no pdf printouts etc.), they all must be in Czech or officially translated into Czech and none of them can be older than 180 days (besides your passport).

Once you have all the documents ready, you need to deliver them to the branch of the MOI responsible for your area of residence. If you go submit the docs in person, make sure you take a Czech speaker with you since not every officer at the MOI will (want to) speak English with you.

If you need any assistance with the process, get in touch using the form below and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions or even take care of everything on your behalf! As we did for example for Marc and Lizzie. Article continues after the reviews.

Temporary Residence Certificate reviewCzech Temporary Residence Certificate review


If you submit your application in person, you get a tracking number of your application. You should be checking the status regularly. The MOI sometimes calls you to let you know the Registration Certificate is ready but they always call from hidden numbers plus they don’t always speak English so you might easily miss their call.

In either case, you need to book an appointment to go collect your Registration Certificate once approved.

The Registration Certificate is issued with validity of 10 years. You can exchange it for the permanent residence permit after five years or extend it before it expires. Read more about the Permanent Residence Permit in our article here:

Get in touch if you need any assistance with obtaining your Registration Certificate or if you want us to take care of everything on your behalf!

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