Temporary Residence Permit for Close (Immediate) Family Members of EU Citizens

There used to be just one type of a “family member of an EU citizen” before the change of the Czech Immigration Law in August 2021. Now there are two types of family members with very different approaches from the side of the MOI. Let’s discover the easier option now – the close (immediate) family member.

Who is an immediate (close) family member of an EU citizen?

Close (immediate) family members can get their residence permits in the Czech Republic under the same conditions as before – that means relatively easily. Not everyone qualifies as an immediate (close) family member though. Only the following groups of foreigners are considered close family members now.

  • spouses (married couples where one of you is an EU citizen living in or moving to Prague) or registered partners,
  • children (younger than 21) of an EU citizen or their spouse,
  • parents of an EU child who is younger than 21 if the parents really take care of the child,
  • parents or kids of an EU citizen who can not take care of themselves (mainly due to health reasons).

If you fall under one of these groups, you can consider yourself a close family member of an EU citizen and you can follow the process below. If you do not fall under any of these groups (i.e. you are unmarried couple), you will be most likely considered a distant (extended) family member and you have to follow this process:

 What type of residence permit can you apply for as an immediate (close) family member of an EU citizen?

If both you and your EU family member are moving to the Czech Republic together (or live here together already), you can apply for a special type of residence permit called Temporary Residence Permit for a family member of an EU citizen. This can be given to you for up to 5 years and allows you to work in the Czech Republic from the moment you apply for it.

You have to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit within your legal stay in the Czech Republic, be it your 90 days visa-free stay, your Schengen visa or your long-term visa or long-term residence permit. You apply for the Residence Permit at the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) responsible for the place of your residence.

 What documents are needed for the Temporary Residence Permit?

You need to have the following documents in order to submit your application:

– application form,
– valid passport (+ the Schengen visa, long-term visa etc.),
– 2 passport sized photos,
– proof of accommodation (at the same address as your spouse/children/parent),
– proof of your relationship (for example an apostilled/superlegalized marriage certificate or birth certificate),
– Czech medical insurance (ask us for a quote),
– 200 CZK in revenue stamps (as the admin fee for the MOI).

If you have all the above documents in complete order, the MOI can issue something called a bridging visa which allows you to stay in the Czech Republic legally until the decision is made and it also allows you to get a job.

The MOI officially has 60 days to make the decision but it can take between 1 and 6 months in real life. If the MOI does not believe that your relationship (i.e. marriage) is real, they can request some additional documents or invite you for an interview.

We will be happy to help you get the Temporary Residence Permit or simply answer any questions you might have 🙂 Get in touch via e-mail at or via phone/whatsapp at +420776495655.


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