Rent or buy a flat in Prague with us

Once you decided to relocate to Prague finding a flat is crucial for you. We understand that and that´s why our Rent a flat in Prague service is always custom made. We do not keep any large database of flats which we´ll try to impose on you. We ask you about requirements first because it is important if we want to be able to find you the perfect place to live. We´ll ask you about the ideal move in date, duration of your stay, monthly budget, preferred location and some other things. Once we know them, we´ll start the custom made search (both among our partners owning about 250 flats in Prague and private landlords) which usually allows us to find you the perfect place within just a couple of days to rent. When buying a flat, things can get a big complicated – no worries , we will guide you through the whole process from the first inquiry through the mortgage till the housewarming party! 🙂

This system makes us very efficient and saves you a lot of time and money. What else are we able to help you with?

Best rated service in the Czech Republic.


We know the real estate market inside out and will use all of this knowledge and experience to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you. 

Our assistance until you find the perfect flat and even after. 

We will make sure that your lease agreement meets all the requirements of both the housing law and the immigration law.


Introductory meeting where we explain specifics of the Czech rental market
Arranging viewings for flats you send us a link to
Adviser on the phone, always ready to help
Checking your lease agreement (and reservation contract if you go through an agency)
Physical assistance with signing the lease and taking over the apartment
Help with getting a proof of accommodation (if needed)

Everything in Counseling
Active search among our partners (both private landlords and real estate agents)
If partners do not have any matching offers – active search on all available real estate platforms

Help with transferring utilities to your name.
Help with setting up internet connection.

Buy a flat in Prague

Buy a flat in Prague service includes:

– preparing offers for you
– arranging appointments with landlords
– accompanying you to viewings and professionally interpreting
– negotiations with landlords before moving in
– helping with mortgage consulting
– helping with money depositing and transferring
– notary and lawyer services
– land registering registration
– help with registering electricity and gas to your name
– help with setting up the Internet connection (if needed)
– any other future help (whatever happens, we will always be there for you)

Price: One fixed fee, not dependable on the property value – we are for the equality! Chat with us or fill in the form on the right for details.

Rent a flat in Prague is not the only expat service we provide. Find out more about our Visa assistance service, Trade license assistance or Special packages.

Do you have any questions? Fill in the form on the right or go to Contacts and give us a call. We´ll be happy to hear from you!
Try out our services and find out that there is no one who can take better care of you than us – Your first friend in Prague.

Jan&Daria on behalf of the whole MoveToPrague team.