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Obligatory adaptation and integration courses for foreigners in the Czech Republic from 1.1.2021

As introduced with the latest change of the immigration law in 2019, from 1.1.2021 new obligatory adaptation and integration courses came into effect. As always, everything is still pretty confusing and it will take time before it all settles down but here are at least the basic official information related to the Obligatory adaptation and integration courses for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Q: What is the adaptation and integration course? 
A: It is an (for some foreigners) obligatory four hour long course explaining the basics about the Czech Republic and living here (rights and obligations, Czech values, culture and customs in the Czech Republic, etc.).

Q: When it becomes effective?
It became effective from 1.1.2021.

Q: Who must go through the adaptation and integration course?
A: The course is only meant for non-EU citizens, specifically for those who have been issued a long-term residence permit after 1.1:2021. It also applies for changes of purpose (i.e. change from a student residence permit to an employee card) and for some foreigners who have just got a permanent residence permit.

Q: When do I need to go through the course?
A: Within one year from receiving the long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit.

Q: How much does it cost? 
A: The cost of the adaptation and integration course is 1 500 CZK.

Q: How and where to pass the adaptation and integration course?
A: You need to book an appointment through the foreigners reservation system ( All the instructions should follow then. As of January 2nd 2021, this option is not available in the system yet though.

Q: What if I do not go through the course? 
A: You might be a subject to a fine of up to 10 000 CZK.

Any questions?

We have prepared a 20 min long training for you where you can find out more about the course. The cost of the training itself is 999 CZK. Our current clients or new clients who order other services from us (i.e. Visa Assistance, Visa Extension, Residence Permit Assistance, Trade License etc.) get the training as a gift, free of charge 🙂 Get in touch with us now.


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