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Nostrification of your Foreign Diploma in the Czech Republic | Recognition of your diploma

The article below is a summary of a video of one of Move To Prague’s Founders about the Nostirification of Foreign Diplomas for use in the Czech Republic.

Nostrification in the Czech Republic/ Recognition on foreign diploma

The video  discusses the process of nostrification or recognition of foreign diplomas in the Czech Republic. Nostrification is required if you have a foreign diploma and want to use it in the Czech Republic, especially for joining a university or applying for a blue card. There are two types of nostrification: one for high school diplomas and another for university degrees.

For high school diplomas, you typically need your diploma, a transcript of subjects and hours studied, a filled-in form, a fee payment of 1,000 crowns, a power of attorney, and ideally an address in the Czech Republic. The original documents must be sent to the Czech Republic, and someone there needs to submit them to the responsible authority. The outcome can be denial, approval without exams, or approval with nostrification exams in specific subjects.

For university degrees, you need the same documents as for high school diplomas, but instead of submitting them to a municipality, you must find a university in the Czech Republic with a similar program to the one you studied. The university compares your program with theirs and decides whether to nostrify your diploma. If the first university doesn’t approve it, you can try other universities with similar programs.

The video emphasizes the importance of choosing a university with a program as close as possible to what you studied to increase your chances of nostrification. It also highlights the need for careful research and consideration to ensure the best fit. The process can be complex and time-consuming, but if successful, you receive certification stating that your foreign diploma is equivalent to the education in the Czech Republic.

If you want to get your nostrification done smoothly and as swiftly as possible or if you just have any questions, fill in the firm below or on the side and get in touch 🙂

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