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Invitation Letter Czech Republic

Invitation Letter is an official document issued by the Czech Foreign Police, saying that one person (the inviting person already living in the Czech Republic legally) will take complete responsibility for the invited person (non-EU citizen who wants to visit the Czech Republic). This Invitation Letter can then be used for a short-term/long-term visa application with the purpose of invitation. Read on to find out everything about the Invitation Letter. 

Who is the Invitation Letter for?

The Invitation Letter is meant for anyone living in the Czech Republic legally (Czech citizen, EU citizen or non-EU citizen) who wants to invite a non-EU citizen to the Czech Republic for a specified amount of time. This is mainly used for short-term stays (i.e. you are from India and you want your parents to visit you for a month or two) but it can, in theory, be used for a long-term visa application as well.

How to get the Czech Invitation Letter?

The Invitation Letter is issued by the Czech Foreign Police responsible for the area of your residence. For example in Prague, there is only one branch of the Foreign Police where you can get the Invitation Letter – Olšanská 2176, Praha 3.

You first need to prepare the following documents:

  •  your passport and Czech visa/residence permit,
  • documents of the invited person (passport details + some further personal details),
  • proof of accommodation in the Czech Republic (usually your lease is ok),
  • proof of having enough funds in your bank,
  • 300 CZK administrative fee in “kolky” – revenue stamps.

Once you have all these documents ready, you either fill in the Invitation Letter application form online or go to the Foreign Police and fill it in there, on their own computers. Either way, you have to submit the application at the Foreign Police in person. The Foreign Police Officer check all your documents and if they are fine, they will give you a date to come collect the actual Invitation Letter. This is usually seven days after you submitted the application.

Once you have the Invitation Letter in your hands, you can physically mail it to the invited person so they can apply for their visa 🙂

The easiest way to get the Invitation Letter?

If you do not have time or the nerves to deal with this whole process on your own, hire us to help you with that. We will make sure you have all the required documents in the required form and will accompany you to the Foreign Police. The service we provide is professional, friendly and affordable.

Fill in the form below and ask for a quote or just ask any questions you might have – we will be happy to answer them 🙂 Alternatively shoot us an e-mail to or call us at +420776495655.


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