New Compensation Bonus – 19 500 CZK for freelancers

After the 25 000 CZK compensation bonus for freelancers in the Czech Republic we wrote about here:, the government has already approved an additional support in amount of 19 500 CZK for the period from May 1 till June 8. Read on to find out how to easily apply for this additional bonus.

Who qualifies for the 19 500 CZK compensation bonus

The qualification rules stay the same as for the first compensation bonus of 25 000 CZK we are describing in the article above. That means that you basically need to meet the following requirements to qualify for the additional bonus:

  • your trade license was activated before March 12th when the state of emergency started
  • the trade license is your main activity in the Czech Republic (i.e. not only a side activity to your daily employment)
  • your income has been negatively affected by the state of emergency and governmental restrictions, i.e.:
    • you had to close down your business completely
    • you have lost a significant amount of business due to having lower demand for your services (significant was defined by 10% in one of the first drafts of the bonus but there is no definition of “significant” now).

 How to apply for the additional bonus

If you have already applied for the previous compensation bonus of 25 000 CZK and you still meet the above criteria, you already know how to apply for the additional bonus as well 🙂 The process stays exactly the same. Please just read the few notes listed below.

If this is your first time apply for the bonus, you can easily follow the guide here: Please just read the few notes listed below.

1. When you get to the main page of the online application form, you need to choose the period for which you want to receive the bonus. If this is your first time applying for the bonus, you can fill in the full period of time – from 12.3.2020 till 8.6.2020. If you have already got the first compensation bonus, you only fill in the recent dates – from 1.5.2020 till 8.6.2020.

2. When you get to the next page of the online application form where you need to fill in your business details, there is a new information added and required – “Pedagogický pracovník – jako zaměstnanec vykonávám výhradně pedagogickou činnost:”. This is asking you if you are employed as a “Pedagogue”. The thing behind this field is that if you are employed and you only have the trade license as your side activity, you do not qualify for this “freelancers’ compensation bonus”. The only exception is pedagogues. Pedagogues can apply for the compensation bonus even if they are employed. In most cases you want to keep the “NE” blue 🙂

The rest is exactly the same as in our guide for the 25 000 CZK bonus (see the link above). You need to complete the application, download it, print it out, sign it, scan it/take photo of it and e-mail it to the relevant Tax Office.

We hope this will be as helpful as our previous guide (over 65 000 of you watched our videos and live streams on our Facebook and couple thousand visited the blog and followed the guide). As always though, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via the form on the right, via our general contacts, through the chat on this website or our Facebook page.

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  • Hello movetoprague,

    Is there any new compensation from the government regarding the new state of emergency and lockdown?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your comment!

      As of now, the government is saying there will be bonuses again but only for people who’s business were closed by the government such as restaurants, hair salons, etc.

      Jan on behalf of the team

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