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Extension of a Standard Employee Card and Unreliable Employer

This blog is a transcript of a Live Livestream Jan, one of Move To Prague Co-Founders and Co-Owners did on this topic. You can see the full video on the link below. We describe the employee card extension in our blog here: https://movetoprague.com/extension-of-an-employee-card/. The below blog looks at this topic from the perspective of your employer and their reliability.

How to extend a standard employee card?

In general renewing the standard employee card is quite easy, if you stay under the same employer you just need to prove that you are still employed by them. Of course, you still need to submit all the other documents, such as proof of accommodation, application form, passport, one passport size photo, you have to pay the fee etc. 

What can go wrong is if the employer has some problems with paying the social security healthcare income tax for you. The important thing is if the ministry will find out, they usually don’t care, they just look at the documents you submit and not the ones your employer has. But if the employer has problems with paying for a long time, they might get the status of unreliable employer.

How is that connected to your employee card extension?

An unreliable employer is an employer flagged by the ministry of the interior for not following the rules in terms of employing foreigners, which means that they for example don’t report the start of employer to the labor office in time, don’t pay the taxes in time, etc. This means that the ministry can ban them from hiring foreigners at all for some period of time (half a year-one year…).

If you want to watch the full video about this topic, please find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSAsT_niIts&t=2s . Alternatively get in touch via info@movetoprague.com or +420776495655, we will be happy to answer any of your questions 🙂

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