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Extension of an Employee Card

Getting the employee card can be quite of a challenge sometime. Extension of the employee card is generally way easier, especially because the extension of the employee card can be done in the Czech Republic, you do not have to go to any Embassy. Let’s go through the extension process step by step now.

When can you apply for the extension of the employee card?

There are couple general rules about extending the employee card you should keep in mind:

1. You can only extend the employee card if you have a job. This might sound stupid simple but some of our future clients come to us in situations where they have just quit one job and still need to extend the employee card. Even though this is sortable under our supervision, it is not advisable to change the employer and extend the employee card at the same time.

2. You can extend the employee card earliest 120 days before your current employee card expires and latest on the last day of its validity. We always recommend our clients to start the process as early as possible. Even though the extension of the employee card is a relatively simple process, the MOI does not see it as their priority so it can often take them months to approve the extension.

Where and how to extend your employee card?

The employee card extension application must be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) responsible for the area of your residence. The application can generally be submitted either in person or via registered mail. We usually use the mail submission with our clients since it is less time consuming but in some cases (if you for example need to have your application number right away, or if you are submitting your application on very last moment and you need to get a bridge visa), we go in person as well.

What documents are needed for the extension of your employee card?

First document you will need is the application form (the same you filled in the past, so this should be no problem), which you must submit before expiring the current employee card. You can do it in person at MOI or mail it to the ministry.

Next you need to have your passport and your current employee car, alongside 2 passport sized photos (even though they will take photos of you).

You also need to have proof that you are still employed. This can be done with an example of your employment contract, which was signed in the past, when you got the employee card, plus a confirmation by HR that you are still working there.

Another document you will need is a proof of accommodation, and this must be a fresh document. We recommend using the proof of accommodation form, since this document has the signatures notarized, unlike the lease agreement for example.

Finally, you will need to have the 2500czk administrative fee paid in revenue stamps. 

This blog is a summary/transcript of a LiveStream made by one of the Move To Prague Co-Founders which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIEn9btsMS4&t=1090s).

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