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The Mission of Move To Prague is to “Help as many people as possible to see dealing with Czech bureaucracy as pleasurable experience and not as something to be scared of”. We think we do our job well and want to help more and more people to feel welcome here.

We, at the same time, extremely value you, our existing client and friend, so we wanted to offer something to bridge both these groups. That is why we have created this referral program. We know that many of you recommend us already even without any commission and we thank you very much for that! Please keep doing that since it really helps to spread the good we do!

We also realize though that you do not buy bread with thanks and that times are tough for some of you now. So we want to offer you a way to either earn a bit of money with us or to save some money to your friends moving to Prague/needing immigration services.

And because we like things simple, the way to join the referral program is also simple.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Refer a new client to us.
  2. Let us know about that within 3 calendar days through e-mail, WhatsApp etc.
  3. Send us your banking details and we will forward you 15% from the payment made by the referred client as your referral fee. Alternatively, we will be happy to exchange the referral fee for a 15% discount to the referred client.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the referral program or anything else.

Please also see a list of some of the services we offer here:

Thank you very much!


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