Immigration Sales Representative


Move To Prague relocation services s.r.o. is a leading relocation and immigration agency in Prague, loved by its clients for its friendly approach combined with 12 years of experience and 100% professionalism.

We are currently looking for a Salesman (or Saleswoman) to join our team.

The salesperson is tasked with processing incoming enquiries and turning as many of them as possible into paying clients.

This is a position that stands somewhere between customer service (answering basic questions about immigration, finding accommodation, obtaining health insurance etc.) and a sales position (after all, the main goal of a salesperson is to transform questions into a paid service).

Therefore, we are looking for someone who meets the following personal and professional requirements.


  • you are genuinely interested in people and want to help them,
  • at the same time, you are not afraid to ask people for money for a job well done,
  • you radiate friendliness and professionalism at the same time.


  • at least basic knowledge of immigration (visa) processes,
  • English at high spoken and written level,
  • Czech at high spoken and written level (not 100% necessary, however, without knowledge of Czech you will not be able to process all inquiries and hence might lose some opportunities to earn),
  • excellent expression and communication skills,
  • experience in sales and/or customer service of the highest standard.


  • you will communicate with potential clients via e-mail, phone and video-calls,
  • you will answer their questions regarding immigration, housing, health insurance and business matters,
  • you will explain how we can help, what kind of services we provide and how much they cost,
  • all the above with the aim to help and to turn inquiries into paying clients,
  • you will create invoices for paying clients,
  • you will work with a CRM system closely.

What do we offer for the above?

  • the opportunity to earn 70+ thousand CZK if you are really good and motivated,
  • a job that combines the opportunity to earn money and help people at the same time,
  • potential work-from-home option,
  • MacBook for personal use,
  • iPhone + sim card for personal use,
  • meal vouchers.

If you think you would be a good fit for the position, please send us a motivation letter explaining how much money you want to be making and why, when you helped someone the last time and how, why are you interested in the position, where do you think you would excel and where you might have problems with the position.

The letter should be in English for sure, if you speak Czech, add one in Czech as well 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you!


  • Sales
  • Customer service


  • Account Manager
  • Sales Assistant
  • Telesales
  • Sales team manager
  • Key Account Manager

Work location

Ječná 243/39a, Praha, Nové Město

Education level

Secondary education or professional training with a school-leaving exam

Language level (All languages)

  • English – Proficient
  • Czech – Advanced

Job type

Full-time work

Duration of employment


Type of contract

employment contract

Gross salary

40 000 – 80 000 CZK/month


  • Bonuses
  • Sales commission
  • Cell phone
  • Notebook
  • Flexible start/end of working hours
  • Meal tickets / catering allowance
  • Sick days
  • Occasional work from home
  • Corporate events
  • Self-organization of the job

Move To Prague relocation services s.r.o.

Contact person

Jan Kalina


Ječná 243/39a, 12000 Praha, Česká republika