Official Approval Time for Czech Visas and Residence Permits

How long will the approval take? Why is approval of my Czech visa taking so long? Does the approval of this type of Czech visa always take so long? These are questions we get very often. Jan – one of the Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Move To Prague answered all of them and way more in his livestream here:

We bring you a simple transcript of this livestream below.

Short term visas should officially be approved in 15 days, our company doesn’t really work with them, decided directly by embassies.

Long term visas: 60-90 days. If you are student, scientific researcher etc. usually 60 days but could be 90 in complicated cases. However, business visa is 90-120 days: in real life can be anything between two weeks and 4 or 5 months or more, depends on many factors (link).

Extension of long-term visa (from 6 months to 6 months for example, no more than 1 year. Officially takes 2 weeks to them, but it happened that it takes more.

Long term residence of the EU: 120 days

Residence permit with purpose of family reunification: 270 days.
Long term residence permit with purpose of studying scientific resources and family member of researcher is 60 days.

Blue card: officially 90 days, but usually is relatively faster (if they don’t require nostrification) and it can speed up the process for the other family members.

Employee card: 60 days, 90 complicated days realistic expectation (if you apply inside Czech Republic)

Long term residence permit at the territory of CR (change of purpose for example): 60 days.

Extension of residence permit under the same purpose of stay (business residence permit, employee card…) officially 30 days but that never happens (no one cares, you are still working here and they are happy about that).

EU citizens: 30 days officially. Generally they stick to it but also they can take their time; if you are lucky you could also get it approved right away.

Permanent residency: through czech embassy 180 days; if you apply here 60 days (usually way longer).

All official deadlines are frozen while they are waiting for you to submit documents or similar cases.

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