What we can help you with

Every relocation is personal for us so we understand that there are plenty of things you would like us to assist you with when moving to Prague. Please find out more about the most common expat services we provide below, and feel free to contact us with any other requirements you might have. All employees of Move To Prague have moved either to Prague or other world cities on their own so we know what problems you are facing. No question or requirement is too silly for us – you are the one moving and you are the one we´ll satisfy and surprise!

Rent or buy a flat in Prague
The most popular of all expats services we provide. Our Rent a flat in Prague service and Buy a flat in Prague service are always custom made. We do not keep any large database of flats from which  we´ll try to impose on you. We ask you about requirements first because it is important if we want to be able to find you the perfect place to live. We take care of the whole process, from A to Z and beyond. Find out more about the service here.
Prague Visa assistance
The second most popular from all expats services we provide. We help with acquiring all types of visa and residence permits for The Czech Republic. We make sure that you have all documents required, in the required form and at the right time. 95% of our clients have got their visas or residence permits approved. Find out more about our Visa assistance service here
Trade license (Zivno)
Do you want to teach English? Do you want to freelance? Do you want to run a business? A Trade License is the most important part of your long-term business visa/temporary residence application. We´ll make sure that your Trade License is done correctly, legally and fast. We´ll also explain to you everything connected to freelancing in Prague (paying taxes, health and social insurance, etc.) and we´ll make sure freelancing in Prague will be a nice thing to remember and not a nightmare of running to different offices, talking to people who do not speak English and submitting your documents again and again because there is always something missing. Find out more about our Trade License (Zivno) service here
Special packages
Relocation is a complex process so we have also prepared special complex packages to make sure your first steps in Prague are safe, fast and efficient. Find out more about our most popular special packages (Welcome and Student) here.
Proof of accommodation
If you are not in Prague yet but you already need to prove your accommodation, feel free to ask us about that. 100% legal, ready within one business day.
Health Insurance
We have been approved by the Czech National Bank to sell health insurance for foreigners. Benefit from the position we have on the market and get affordable healt insurance with us.

Do you have any questions? Fill in the form on the right or go to Contacts and give us a call. We´ll be happy to hear from you!
Try out our expat services and find out that there is no one who can take better care of you than us – Your first friend in Prague.

Jan&Daria on behalf of the whole MoveToPrague team.