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One of the documents you need when getting a trade license or establishing an s.r.o. is a proof that you have somewhere to run your business from. In most cases, your lease agreement or office lease agreement can be used as such proof. Sometimes it is just not possible though – i.e. your landlord does not agree with that or you want to have home and business addresses separated. Virtual business seat is a perfect solution for this situation ūüôā

How does the virtual business seat (business address) work?

When you order the virtual business seat, you will get a document confirming that a landlord of some property (i.e. Move To Prague) agrees with you placing your business seat into this property. You also get an extract from the business register showing that the property is really owned by this person.

You can then use this document to get your trade license or establish an s.r.o. The “virtual” address then becomes your official business address and all the authorities should be mailing all letters for you to this address.

Good business address provider will make sure your name is put both on the mail box (so you can start receiving the mail) as well as on the building itself (that is an official requirement of Czech business law).

 Virtual business address/virtual business seat provided by Move To Prague

We provide the virtual business seat in properties we own or where we know the landlords well. That ensures that we always put your name on the building + on the mailbox so you do not miss any important mail. If we receive a letter for you, we let you know about that and you can come collect it anytime within opening hours of our office.

We provide the consent with placing the business address into our properties for one year with the possibility to extend it. It usually takes us only one business day to prepare the consent for you.

Do you have any questions or want to order the “virtual” business seat? Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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