Temporary Residence Certificate

Are you an EU citizen living (or wanting to live) in the Czech Republic? Do you want to obtain a Certificate of Temporary Residence in the Czech Republic? Read further!

Do I need the Temporary Residence Certificate?

If you are n EU citizen, you officially do not need to obtain the Temporary Residence Certificate to legally live and work in The Czech Republic. You officially only need to register with the Foreign Police within 30 days after your arrival.

The Temporary Residence Certificate might be useful or even required in some situations such as the ones listed below:

  • registering your car,
  • exchanging your driver’s license,
  • getting a mortgage,
  • getting your parking permit,
  • confirming your tax residency,
  • Brexit 🙂
  • Traveling during COVID lockdown (never though we would need to add something like this),
  • etc.

Ok, I want the Temporary Residence! What do I do now?

Obtaining the Temporary Residence Certificate is in general pretty easy. You basically just collect couple documents, take them to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and wait 30 days for the approval. Once your Residency is approved, you need to go back to the MOI and collect the Certificate.

This is the list of documents you usually need:

  • application form
  • passport
  • 1 passport sized photo
  • proof of accommodation (tricky, please read more clicking on the link)
  • documents on the purpose of your stay (employment contract, trade license, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • health insurance – only in case of not being employed or self-employed

The thing is that the MOI often looks for the slightest mistakes in your documents (especially the proof of accommodation), just to make it a bit harder for you (yes, that is how it works with the bureaucracy in the Czech Republic) so it always better to make sure all your documents are correct.

The whole team of Move To Prague will be happy to assist you with obtaining your Temporary Residence Certificate. We can even submit it on your behalf so you save your valuable time and will only come to the MOI with us to collect the issued Residence Certificate.

Get in touch, we’ll be happy to hear from you! ?