Service Conditions

We, in Move To Prague, are like a family. Towards each other in the company and towards our clients as well. We love what we do and we always provide the best possible care. We also try to be as open as possible. So, please find the description of our services and mainly our refund policy written as openly as possible below.


How to engage our services? 

When you send us an e-mail or fill in a contact form, colleagues at reception forward it to the responsible person. That person will tell you everything about our services, you will be given a detailed description of the services, along with the price for the services. You have as long as you need to read through it and ask any questions.

Once everything is cleared to you, you will be asked to cover the fees for our services.

Once we receive the fees, you will be assigned “your own” Visa Adviser who will take care of you and your case from that moment on. The care of the Visa Adviser is always friendly and custom made just for you and your case.

 What if I change my mind about using your services after I paid?

Changing mind in general is fine. It happens sometimes – you are so excited about the new business idea so you want to get your trade license as soon as possible. Only later you realize that the idea maybe was not your best idea ever. Or you wanna get your visa as soon as possible and then realize that you are missing your family and do not really want to stay here anymore. Those are legit reasons to stop working with us and we will not get angry with you. We will unfortunately not return your fees either. The reason for that is that we had to assign a Visa Adviser to your case and Visa Advisers unfortunately have limited capacity of the number of clients they can take care of. If you were assigned to a Visa Adviser, we most likely had to say “no” to another client. If you then changed your mind and we returned you the fees, we lost two clients at the same time. There are also other reasons (for example VAT related). So the best thing to do is to thing about what you wanna do and only pay our fees when you are certain you wanna go through the process.

What if my visa is denied?

Our success rate throughout all visa and residence permit types is about 98%. That means that only one out of 50 clients gets denied. So, first of all, you do not need to be really worried about the denial 🙂 If your visa/residence permit was anyway denied, what happens next depends mainly on the denial reason.

The thing is that there is no legal right to get a visa. Czech Republic can approve or deny any application they want. If the reason for denial is related to a mistake we made, we’ll be for sure happy to discuss refund with you. If the denial is based on mistake on your side (i.e. you bring documents late, you miss appointment, you say something you should not say, etc.) unfortunately, we can not refund anything but can for sure help you make an appeal, etc. If the reason is none of the above (i.e. the MOI made mistake or there were some unforeseen circumstances), we will not be able to refund you but we’ll be happy to help you with appeal letter, etc.

Service provided by a third party

We do our best and check everyone carefully before we make them our partner. Not only to make sure they are reliable but also to make sure they share values with us. Unfortunately, we can not control everything every time. So, if we use services of third parties to cover your needs, we can not always take legal responsibility for them. For example, virtual proof of accommodation is always provided by one of the landlords we work with. If the landlord tells us that he/she does not register anyone else in the flat, only our clients, but then registers tens of other clients behind our backs, we do not have a chance to find that out.


Since we value your time, we also want you to value our time. Unfortunately not everyone does so we also use the following penalties sometimes.

Not showing up for an appointment with no previous notice – 1 000 CZK
Additional visits to social security due to you having a debt there – 1 500 CZK
Additional visits to health care company due to you having a debt there – 1 500 CZK
Additional visits to tax office due to you having a debt there – 1 500 CZK




Move To Prague relocation services s.r.o. with registered seat in Jecna 243/39a, Praha 2 – Nove Mesto, 120 00, business number 06078192 (further referred to as “Move To Prague”) allows online payments by card using a sharable payment link.

Representatives of Move To Prague only send you the payment link when you have already seen the description of the service you are ordering, related terms and conditions and you know the price in advance.

Once you make the payment and the money is deposited to Move To Prague’s account, the service is considered paid and Move To Prague will provide the services ordered.

If you have any problems with the payment, please contact the person who you have been in touch with or our support at